I am Shannon Danielle - founder of Glorious Daughters!

Our community inspires the awakening of high-calibre Christian women who live devoted to Jesus and demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit whilst living impeccable lives of virtue, class and biblical womanhood to the honor & glory of Jesus Christ.

We mentor women from all walks of life through our biblically based teachings to model mature Christianity and godly femininity. Our focus is to strategically train and equip women, not only within the realms of their spirituality, but to also inspire elegant womanhood through the practical coaching of social graces.

This is your hour woman of God! The harvest awaits!

My love to all,

Your sister and Glorious Daughter of the King!

Our vision

As the daughters of the King of Glory, we radiate the majestic brilliance of His Holy Spirit within us. 

Our vision is to release and manifest the Glory of God in the Earth through our lives.  Our standard is purity and holiness of heart and lifestyle according to the Word of God, which is Jesus Christ.

Indeed, the King's daughter is all glorious within (Psalm 45:13) and it is our mission to release that which God has deposited into each of His daughters for this final hour.

We believe that your life is your ministry and in turn will bring a mighty harvest of souls to the Kingdom of God


There is only one God, who was made manifest to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ.

The Bible is the inspired and authoritative written Word of God.

Salvation is only found in Jesus Christ believing He died for our sins, rose again and reconciled us back to God.

The infilling and power of the Holy Spirit is  the gift of God for all persons who receive Jesus Christ as Lord.

Believers are called to live a holy life, separate from all ungodliness, consecrated unto God.

Complete consecration in holiness and a pure heart is our standard of worship before God.

We actively apply the Bible to our everyday lives and live according to the Spirit.